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Please remember that fishing is Catch-and-Release. 

It is recommended, but not required, that you and any guests use barbless hooks or hooks that have the barb pinched down. 

Please take with you anything you bring and any trash you generate.

In order to fish in the ponds you will need a fishing badge from Associa

Each badge is numbered, and the numbers are assigned to you for identity purposes. 

Please remember to wear your badge while fishing in the community ponds. That allows you to be easily seen at a distance as an owner or resident and avoids questions from other residents or the Hays County Sheriff.  


You are permitted up to two total guests, but you or a member of your family wearing a badge MUST accompany any guests.  It is not permitted to give a badge to a guest and allow them to fish without your accompaniment.  Abuse of the guest privilege may lead to the revocation of fishing badges and suspension of the owner’s permission to fish.


polo club fishing.jpg


We have attached a map with the common areas around the ponds enclosed in red.  These are the only common access areas where you are permitted to fish. 


All areas not marked in red are private property.  It is not permissible to access, walk through or fish from private property without the expressed permission of the property owner.

Guests MUST be accompanied by a resident. NO exceptions.

No driving vehicles of any kind off the paved road.  No driving on the dam or common areas.

-Please use barbless hooks. This is a catch and release pond.

Please take trash with you and pick up any trash you may see if possible. :)

1-Blue Heron Pond

2-Big Bass Pond

3-Cattail Pond

4-Frog Jump Pond

5-Whistling Duck Pond

6-Turtle Back Pond

Please remember, our ponds are our biggest amenity and we take their health, appearance and function very seriously. Our ponds are home to many different kinds of wildlife from Great Blue Herons, turtles, ducks, birds, fish, deer, snakes and more. Let's respect ALL of our wildlife and help to keep them clean for all to enjoy.



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